Saturday, February 5, 2011

Musical Sudokus.

I will be making some musical sudokus and posting them on here for you to do. They will have musical notes, scales, chord progressions, maybe even plain chords, notational items and more!

I will have a seperate blog dedicated to just Music Theory.

And possibly another with some other ideas.

Here is the first Sudoku puzzle I have made.
The rules go as following:

It is a normal 12 box 4x3 Sudoku puzzle. You can use the notes C-C#-D-D#-E-F-Gb-Ab-Bb-B
No enharmonics. The reason I did only 2 sharps and 3 flats was just for this one. I will change the amount of accidentals on each puzzle. Feel free to comment and ask for specific musical sudoku puzzles!

Soon to come:
C major 7 (Chord) Sudoku.
E Augmented scale Sudoku.
Bb Major Scale Sudoku.
D Minor Scale Sudoku.
Ab half whole diminished scale Sudoku.
And more....!


  1. Good luck to anyone trying this!

  2. Looks harder with the extra variables. Nice idea though!

  3. don't get it, but i'll follow

  4. Man, I wish I knew more about music. I love sudokus.

  5. This is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen. Followed dude!

  6. so its the same as normal sudoku, just notes instead of numbers. pretty cool. Handy way to memorize note progressions and chords I guess.

  7. Sent to my music friend, she will love it

  8. Good idea, will try this when i get home